Overcoming Misconceptions

by Andy Huddleston and Angela Lathrom

Posted on December 16, 2023 (pdf version)

Step 1: Listen to the Podcast

Step 2: Read the Devotional

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way.

Psalm 37:23

Gavin had prepared to address prospective mission supporters several dozen times in the surrounding states over the next two and a half months. Tonight he had begun at his home church. “It sounds like you’ve adjusted well in Germany.” The Minister of Outreach pronounced a summary of Gavin’s 20 minute talk to the small number of church members gathered that first Sunday evening against the colorful backdrop of his last presentation slide.

“Well,…” Gavin started to correct the minister’s misconception. He had tried to convey the hardship of his new life on the mission field while guarding the note of discouragement he really felt. Life in Germany had been hard, and lonely. Christian friends were few, family was far, and culture shock was real. A familiar, smiling face approached as Gavin gathered his stack of newsletters. “Hey, man! Let’s catch up while you’re on holiday!” Gavin held his jaw against a drop in stunned disbelief. How could his childhood friend call this a vacation?

As Gavin turned to retrieve his flash drive from the AV booth, the pastor approached him. “Good word! It’s refreshing to see a young man have hi The pastor was moving on before Gavin could respond. Figured out? And who were “they” who was supposedly “taking good care” of him? If that was the pastor’s perspective it was no wonder the proposal to add monthly support for Gavin to the church’s budget had not made it into the business meeting agenda.

By the time he got to his car Gavin was more discouraged than ever. How could these people he had grown up with share his vision and his burden for the souls of the Muslim refugees flooding into Europe if they believed some of the unrealistic things they had said tonight?

Over his years Andy has gained some important insight into the many misconceptions Christians often hold about missions. He has learned to view the church as part of the mission field. Some faulty ideas church-goers have can become a barrier to the work. Let’s be honest: they can create a barrier to the most basic view of mission work. Part of Andy’s job has been clearing the path onto the field by helping potential Senders gain an accurate understanding of the Gospel mission and what it takes to accomplish it.

Gavin realized that he was there to help educate the Body of Christ about the needs of those trying to reach the Lost. He could walk away in discouragement or he could help bring a deeper level of truth and understanding about missions into the church. If he could confront these misconceptions perhaps he could be a catalyst for transforming this church, and others, into impactful, mission-minded Go-Teams. Sitting in his car in the church parking lot Gavin tapped out a text: “I think I may not have been clear about the state of things in Germany. Could we get together this week so I can share some of my challenges with you?”

Step 3: Pray and Reflect

Now, how about you?

  1. In what wyas do you view the church as part of your mission field?
  2. What misconceptions might members of your Go-Team need to overcome?
  3. Craft a specific response that you can use to correct at least one of these misconceptions. Commit to speaking truth boldly to fellow Christians so that more of the Lost can hear the Gospel and be discipled into full maturity in Christ.

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